Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Resume in 1967

September 28, 1967

Dr. Howard L. Blood
Assistant Director
Applied Physics Laboratory
University of Washington
1013 N.E. 40th
Seattle, Washington 98105

Re: Resume of Joseph Brazil
In application for computer programmer position.

Dear Doctor Blood:

Enclosed please find my Resume for your consideration in connection with an opening for a computer programmer. My objective in applying for the computer programmer position is to advance to a more challenging position, which I feel is more consistent with my academic studies for the past several years. I feel confident that the computer programmer position presents an ideal situation for me to utilize my academic training to the enhancement of the physics laboratory. I intend to continue studying at the University of Washington towards a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,


In 1964 I completed an eight week course in Fortran Progamming at the University of Washington. During the summer of 1967, I completed introductory programming at the University of Washington. I am enrolling at the University of Washington for the Fall Quarter of 1967, in Mathmatics 374, which encompasses the principals of digital computers and copying.

I have completed several classes which were presented at Boeing Company, including true positional dimensioning and modern mathmatics. I have also taken several mathmatics, English and Spanish classes at Edison Technical School. I have also studied Gas Welding and Electronics at Edison Technical School.

My entire education has been focused around technical training, since my graduation from Cass Technical High School in mechanical arts, (Detroit Michigan) in 1946. Since moving to Seattle, Washington in September of 1961, I have studied at the University of Washington from 1963 to the present time. My major emphasis has been mathmatics. I have completed all mathmatic classes through math analysis 224, which includes three semesters of Calculus. I have also taken philosophy, engineering statistics, religion, and other liberal art subjects at the University of Washington.

My work experience has included a four-year apprenticeship for tool maker at the Chrysler Corporation from 1945 to 1950. I also completed a one-year course in electronics at Radio Electronics and Television School in 1960. From 1950 to 1961, I was employed as a tool maker and tool inspector for the Chrysler Corporation. From 1961 to 1963 I was employed as a tool maker for the Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington. I subsequently worked as a precision machinist at the Continental Can Company in Seattle, Washington from 1963 to 1965. I am presently employed as a mechanical technician at the University of Washington, where I have been employed since April of 1965.

I served honorably in the United States Army from February of 1946 through March of 1947.

Respectfully submitted,

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