Friday, March 2, 2012

Discrimination against Joe at UW

I found this in the UW Archives:

April 17, 1967

Memo to Ernest M. Conrad, Vice President for Business & Finance from David E. Williams, Director of Personnel Services

This is to advise you that the question of the charge of discrimination filed by Mr. Joseph Brazil with the State Board Against Discrimination against the University of Washington has now been resolved. It was the finding of Mr. Wilson and myself that although there was evidence of failure to consistently meet work performance standards, the language used by Mr. Brazil's foreman did, in fact, reveal prejudice.

The attached statement of conciliation was developed jointly by the representative of the State Boards Against Discrimination, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Jack Roberston of the Applied Physics Laboratory, and me. As such it represents agreement among the several parties.

Mr. Brazil will begin work within the Laboratory on Monday, April 17, under the terms of the conciliation agreement.

cc: Dr. Elliot, Mr. Wilson

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