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More problems

April 25, 1974

Dean George M. Beckmann
College of Arts and Sciences
Padelford Hall

Dear Dean Beckmann:

This letter is to bring to your attention incidents in my department, which are making it difficult for me to successfully perform my duties.

In my opinion I am continually faced with apathy, lack of support and what seems like out and out conspiracy from my department director, John T. Moore. There have been many instances in the past five years since I have been associated with this department, each having some dysfunctional reaction and psychological effect upon me. The University Black Action Committee met with Professor Moore as recent as March 11, 1974 to discuss some of the previous problems. Dr. Chandler can give details of the committee's findings.

The last incident occurred today, April 23, and I feel that I should inform you of it since the problems are not being resolved.

On April 16, 1974 at about 9:00 a.m. I submitted a course outline for a class to be added to the Music Department to secretary Deanna Rio for retyping. I stressed how important it was that it be retyped and put in Professor Sokol's mailbox (Education and Policy Committee Chairperson) before 12:00 noon that day so that the committtee could act on it. She agreed to do this. I had called Mr. Sokol earlier and he was expecting the outline. If the course was accepted I expected to begin teaching in in Autumn 1974.

Today I was passing the office and Deanna called to me stating that she had not retyped the outline (about half of a page) because Professor Moore had told her that the add course form must be filled out first. Shortly afterward I was discussing the procedure for adding a class with Professor Moore. He said that only the outline is required at this point and that he did not instruct the secretary to detain the outline. On questioning the secretary in my presence she changed her entire story and said that I told her the form was needed along with the outline. At this point Professor Moore stated that it was not the secretary's responsibility to do any typing or handling of departmental correspondence from me. It was an obvious effort to support his secretary under any circumstances. I became very upset that she could change her story in just a few minutes and be so well supported.

This may appear to be a small incident, but with the accumulation of so many similar and more serious ones it has caused me to finally make this appeal to you.

I would like an appointment with you at your earliest convenience to discuss the situation further.

Joseph Brazil
Assistant Professor
School of Music

cc: Professor John T. Moore
Dr. Trevor L. Chandler
Mr. Carver Gayton
Dr. John Hogness
Dr. Samuel Kelly
Professor Oliver Osborne
Professor Claude Steele
Ms. Annie Hall

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