Saturday, April 7, 2012

Interview with Elvin Jones

Elvin Jones gave a clinic for the Black Academy of Music on August 24, 1974 at the Pioneer Banque jazz club. The following interview was published in On the BAM Line.

Joe Brazil introduced Elvin Jones by stating that Elvin had changed the whole concept of modern drumming. The dialogue of the Workshop which followed was centered around the technical aspects of drumming and percussion. Here are highlights from that Workshop:

Q. What size bass drum do you use?

A. I had a 24" when I first started out. I now use an 18" drum; it is compact and easy to carry. I don't have a valet so I have to carry my equipment myself and hauling these drums from city to city gets to be a very heavy job. I can get the same effect on the smaller drum as I can on the larger one.

Photo with Freddie Hubbard

From Seattle Municipal Archives