• The Daily of the University of Washington
8-Feb-1972“BSU protests Brazil’s treatment.”Charlie, Mr.2
11-Dec-1974"Another Tenure Casualty: This Time Joe Brazil."Haughton, Brian, and Sharon Bibb.1
8-Jan-1975“University may modify Joe Brazil’s tenure denial.”Haughton, Brian.3
17-Jan-1975“Music School to answer charges in Joe Brazil’s tenure case.”Haughton, Brian.3
29-Jan-1975“Brazil scores court victory in quest for tenure.”Bibb, Sharon.
5-Mar-1975"Open Meeting Closed to Discusson on Brazil."Haughton, Brian.1
7-Mar-1975"Students confront Moore on Brazil's tenure case."Haughton, Brian.1
12-Mar-1975“Students meet administrators on Brazil’s tenure case.”Tenada, Katheen, and Brian Haughton.4
6-Jun-1975“Brazil to file suit against tenured music faculty.”Tenada, Kathy, and Ron Chew.3
11-Nov-1975“Brazil charges racism, exploitation in tenure denial.”Chew, Ron.4
25-Nov-1975“Brazil charges criticism against him is invalid.”Chew, Ron.1
9-Dec-1975“Brazil suing tenured music school faculty.”Ainsley, Roger.2
9-Dec-1975“Hogness, HEW push back affirmative action deadline.”Kuo, Keming.1
7-Jan-1976“Teach-in garners support for Joe Brazil.”Winfield, Glenda.5
18-Feb-1976“Music and speeches brighten rally for Joe Brazil.”Parker, Mary.8
27-Feb-1976“Joe Brazil – the politics of tenure.”Parker, Mary.11
7-Apr-1976“Music school recommends Brazil’s successor.”Miletich, Steve.1
8-Apr-1976“Brazil’s successor reconsiders music school offer.”Miletich, Steve.1
13-Apr-1976“Coalition to ask class boycott for Joe Brazil.”Miletich, Steve, and Brian Haughton.3
14-Apr-1976“Stewart tentatively accepts UW jazz position.”Miletich, Steve.
15-Apr-1976“What are the issues in the Joe Brazil case?”Meranto, Philip J.
16-Apr-1976“Stewart stands by decision to succeed Brazil.”Miletich, Steve.
20-Apr-1976“The history of a tenure decision.”Kinch, Tricia.1
20-Apr-1976“Music School vote was 22-10 against Brazil.”Miletich, Steve.8
21-Apr-1976"…while poll shows others don't know about it."Marcus, Wendy.3
21-Apr-1976"Some will boycott for Brazil…"Miletich, Steve.2
22-Apr-1976“Stewart wavers on jazz appointment here.”Miletich, Steve.
22-Apr-1976“UW police close Music Building during Brazil tenure denial protest.”Miletich, Steve.1
23-Apr-1976“Undercover cops watch over Brazil supporters.”Lubach, Craig.1
23-Apr-1976“Hogness says ‘no way’ to open Brazil hearing.”Miletich, Steve.5
27-Apr-1976“Brazil vot was unanimous – but reasons weren’t.”Emerson, Jim.1
2-Jun-1976“Superior court judge dismisses Joe Brazil case.”1
12-Oct-1976"New jazz musician joins faculty."Smith, Katherine E.6
8-Mar-1977"Brazil keeps on teaching at Garfield."Warner, G. D.37
30-Nov-1979"Joe Brazil returns for Sunday performance."Cronin, Teresa.7
15-Jan-1980"Former music professor renews discrimination charge."Tomasnoff, Craig.15
30-Nov-1983"UW prof fights for his tenure."Eskenazi, Stuart.6, 7

  • The Medium

  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer
25-Aug-1968"Garfield Fine Arts Program Will Start in September."de Yonge, John6
21-Apr-1976"Brazil's Backers Ready to Strike."Connelly, JoelB1
22-Apr-1976"Brazil Denied UW Tenure - Strike Fails."Connelly, JoelA15
5-Nov-1982"An echo as UW drops 2nd black jazz teacher."A10
11-Jun-1983"UW prof may get hearing."C1
21-Apr-1984"UW teacher asks regents to grant immediate tenure."Corr, O. CaseyA3
8-May-1984"UW professor loses appeal for tenure."+D80A8
  • Seattle Times
2-Jun-1968“Youth to ‘See It Like It Is’ in Experimental Project.”Angelos, Constantine.9
9-May-1968“U.W. Black Students Detail 5 Demands.”Emery, Julie.15
25-Aug-1968“Start of ‘Magnet’ program Assured, Say Fund-Raisers.”45
29-Aug-1968“Black Groups Form Seattle Coalition, Plan Sept. Seminar.”Parks, Mike.30
14-Feb-1969“New Dimensions Variety Show.”Hinterberger, John.21
11-Apr-1969"At U.W. Ballroom The Equinox Play Jazz Concert."Hinterberger, John.38
4-Jun-1969"Multi-Media Program Shows CASPA Talent."Batie, Jean26
19-Jan-1970"'Traditional' Plays at Black Theater."Voorhees, John.43
9-Oct-1970“After Dark.”Baker, Ed.55
5-Dec-1971“Youths, out of school, are getting help.”Angelos, Constantine.47
9-Feb-1972“Blacks at U.W. demand promotion for musician.”
9-Apr-1972“U.W. minorities – Varied roots but one concern.”Hannula, Don.123
9-Apr-1972“Were Beethoven, Haydn black? Yes, says musician.”Schaeffer, David.21
23-Jul-1972“Jazz afloat in Seattle.”Schultz, Marcia.91
9-Jan-1973"'Biggest show' at Black Arts."Johnson, Wayne.22
15-May-1973“Model City cuts give birth to ‘People’s Proposal’.”Bell, John.
14-Aug-1974"Black Arts show will tour."B9
25-Dec-1974“Music course strikes sour note.”Emery, Julie.104
26-Dec-1974“U.W. promotion priority questioned.”Emery, Julie.50
1-Jan-1975“U.W. student petition seeks permanent berth for Joe Brazil.”45
24-Jan-1975“Brazil asks for U.W. probe of tenure denial.”10
11-Mar-1975“U.W. denies open hearing on Brazil.”31
21-Apr-1975“Joe Henderson stars in benefit concerts.”MacDonald, Patrick.33
18-May-1975“Black groups back U.W. vice president in dispute.”Moriwaki, Lee.3
23-Nov-1975“Joe Brazil seeking ‘outside’ tenure aid.”Emery, Julie.4
3-Dec-1975“U.W. bias report to be ‘enormous stack of paper’.”10
12-Dec-1975“Joe Brazil files suit under Open Meetings Act.”36
12-Feb-1976“Prof. Brazil backers to intensify drive.”Emery, Julie.20
7-Apr-1976“Michigan prof hasn’t decided to take U.W. job.”Emery, Julie.4
13-Apr-1976“Michigan educator accepts U.W. post as successor to Joe Brazil.”9
14-Apr-1976“Brazil’s successor asked not to take post.”Emery, Julie.6
20-Apr-1976“Would-be Brazil successor at U.W. ‘needs answers’.”Emery, Julie.9
21-Apr-1976“U.W. protesters demand new tenure hearing for Joe Brazil.”Emery, Julie.52
22-Apr-1976“Few are listening to Brazil ’76.”Emery, Julie.6
22-Apr-1976“Short-lived rally.”3
23-Apr-1976“Campus protest.”3
9-May-1976“Inaccurate caption.”Meranto, Philip J.13
19-May-1976“U.W. prof being investigated in demonstrations.”Emery, Julie.47
20-May-1976“U.W. prof charged with ‘menacing’ in demonstration.”
23-May-1976“’Practical’ radical at U.W.”Emery, Julie.
2-Jun-1976“Brazil suit against U.W. dismissed.”Brown, Larry.
3-Jun-1976“Sax discrimination at the U.W.?”Emery, Julie.
26-Oct-1976"Philip Meranto, political activist, resigns at U.W."Emery, Julie.44
6-Nov-1982“Jazz prof appeals denial of tenure.”Schaefer, David.13
27-Dec-1976“’Secret Life’ worth the Waite.”Voorhees, John.31
16-Jan-1980“Ex-professor charges U.W. with racism.”53
28-Jan-1981"The record proves lawsuits obviously not city's long suit."Corasletti, Louis.99

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