Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bob Antolin

In an 2000 article in Northwest Asian Weekly, Bob Antolin talks about Joe Brazil.

"At the University of Washington, he studied with Joe Brazil.

'He was a good influence,' says Antonlin. ;He would bring Bill Evans, Joe Henderson, Dexter Gordon, Chico Hamilton ... (to class) ... (when) they came to town to play in local pubs.... It was quite an occasion to see them and hear them up close and in person.'

Antonlin laments about losing contact with Brazil, who was not tenured by the university following a huge controversy.

'Joe had a direct connection with the musicians. In terms of academic environment, what better way to (learn) than by bringing in (those) musicians like he did.'

Fortunately, Antonlin took lessons with Brazil while he was still there.
'He was introducing all the jazz bebop vocabulary.... It was a very enriching situation.'"

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