Monday, October 9, 2017

Joe's Heirs

Unfortunately, Joe Brazil had no biological children. His first and second wives both had children from other relationships. His second wife assumed Joe's rights and obligations when he passed in 2008. I have no legal claim to any of Joe's physical and intellectual property. Joe's second wife has granted me access to this property but all ownership remains with her.

Here's another example: John Coltrane's second wife Alice Coltrane inherited John's property, not his first wife Naima. Naima's daughter Saeeda (Antonia [Syeeda] Austin) (John's stepdaughter) has no claim on the estate of his stepfather, not even the song John wrote that bears her name "Syeeda's Song Flute." All of John's estate went to Alice and upon her death, I believe, went to Ravi. Biographers like Lewis Porter or Yasuhiro Fujioka may be granted rights by the estate to publish materials in that estate.

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