Sunday, October 22, 2017

Certified Letter from Widow to Harasser

Unfortunately, a relative of Joe's first wife is harassing me with false accusations. This began back in December of 2014 and continues to this day. In June of 2015, Joe's widow sent a certified letter to the accuser. Without mentioning the name of the accuser, those who choose to collude with her may want to contemplate the truths contained in the letter. Below is a copy of the content:

I read your Blog and want to clarify some of the issues you raised as you have been misinformed.

First of all, no one has gone into your Aunt's home and 'ripped her off.' The tapes Steve Griggs referred to in his presentation did NOT come out of Francis's home. They came from Joe's collection. When he moved from Seattle he took his tapes and the things he wanted with him; later divorced Francis and remarried. He established a new home and family and a new life. We were together over 25 years. After he died his current family made copies of his professional photos and shared them with Francis for her family. All of his property now, is legally owned by me; his widow.

When we heard about Steve writing the book, we made contact, gave him copies of photos and information for the book. So, the name calling is unwarranted. We believe Joe's story needs to be told.

You also inferred the African American Community was being 'ripped off.' Where were these concerned people when the CAMP/Central Area Motivation Program closed; the base of operations for BAM/Black Academy of Music? They threw out all of his teaching materials, posters, music and tapes etc. It just happened that a janitor from the Church saw his things, he was able to salvage some of it. Joe was deeply hurt by this disregard for the work he had been doing. You talk about being Joe's family. When he got sick and was bed ridden the last year and half; why didn't you or others make contact, try to visit him while he was alive, or even call to see how he was doing? Francis knew how to reach him if anyone had asked. Even though he never had any children; and there are no blood lines between you; he would have welcomed and no doubt enjoyed contact. Various friends and his current family was with him; however there was no contact from his previous family. So how can you say you are losing your family legacy? If you knew him at all you had to be very young and are only going on what you have heard. His legacy is his own; no one else did this work but him.

Your assessment is very transparent. Now that some think there may be profits in his tapes and his story; people want to get on the bandwagon. Anyone that really knew Joe, knows that all of the tapes he recorded was made with idea and hope that they would one day be shared with other music students coming up. That was his goal, but got sick before he could finish and had very little support in the process.

Joe was all about education and sharing and bringing all people; without prejudice, together through music; the Universal Language. Your controversial assessment only serves to discredit and disrespect his legacy. He was truly unique in his thinking and his teachings. He was never really given the honor and recognition he deserved in life. His story will be told.

Mrs. V. Brazil

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