Saturday, February 9, 2013

1989 Interview 2

"You see, at one point I was really an intense researcher. Most of it was Detroit work. You take Barry Harris. He used to listen to records for hours and hours and hours trying to figure out his ____ lick. Of course, myself, I'm listening to Charlie Parker or whoever. We would memorize every song, just from 78 records. From that you would figure out what the chord changes were. And that was it. You just did it yourself. Now from that we might write it down, we might not.

"So everyone became that kind of researcher. When I met Frank [Gant] sometime later on, like he used to come hang out in the basement. In fact he met Joe Henderson there. He me Cokie and a whole bunch of cats. Whenever I had these sessions the ____ would come out there. Everybody would come by and hear _____, or play. Sonny Redd and all those cats.

"I remember Donald Byrd showing up, 'Joe, don't ____ to take them tunes up too much.' He used to play it like me too. Around Detroit. Donald.

"What would happen is that everybody gets a chance to hear 'Trane or hear whoever--Freddie Hubbard or _____ national known. Freddie was but Donald Byrd wasn't. All the local guys get a chance to hear the national guys, but sometimes national guys get the local guys.

"So when 'Trane came in and had one session in my pad, the next day he came by, 'Did you tape that last night?' I've been taping since 1955. I've got tapes of Clifford Brown. Probably the last thing he did before he died. We had the same kind of machine--work horse... END OF SIDE 2, TAPE 1 OF 3

Interview excerpt 3

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